The Lost Art of Twilight

by Temple of the Smoke

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"Music may be abstract, just like technology, magic, or nature. Sometimes, it's hard to find a logic even in patterns of our abstractly created universe.

Bio-luminescence of fireflies and stellar moths will light through our eyes, melting meadows and skyscrapers in acid-like bliss. Winds will change and the Crimson dawn is just about to appear to embrace the wildlife of our karmic shells.

Birds are singing chants, summoning Mother to re-invoke our primal dreams, like echoing drums from the deep, alien slumber, mankind's eternal sleep... Moon is just a picture, oscillating sound, materialized circle of our astral archetypes.

It was written that were many ways to make portals. We believed, as we do believe... And we have seen fractals of mana butterflies creating mountains of love and light, an island in ocean of thresholds on starlight skies, radiating color out of space to shape the dreams of mankind.

It has begone. The floods came, and the astral wave has brought an instant change."


"The Lost Art of Twilight" may be described as conceptual, mostly instrumental album and is ontological sequel of firstborn "...Against Human Race". However, the songs are metaphorical fragments of the story, telling a tale of destruction and reinvention of the known world.

Imaginary from George Sterling's nightmarish poetry or celestial fiction of Howard P. Lovecraft, Thomas Ligotti and Clark Ashton Smith, endless “pencil and paper” RPG wanderings (Kult, Changeling: The Dreaming and Warhammer), along with ritualistic acid drops on blotter canvases, revealed some of the portals... but there are thousands of them.

Enter a new kaleidoscopic journey through various musical forms, a new age psychedelic space rock opera at the dawn of XXI century...

"The Lost Art of Twilight" album was recorded during April 2012 in Digimedia Studio (Belgrade, Serbia).

Album is available on Bandcamp only in digital format.

Black/colored (purple) vinyl LP is released and distributed by Cosmic Eye/Musicbazz labels.

The CD will appear as a self-release and will be distributed by the band and on Bandcamp.

For CD pre-orders, please contact us at :


released December 10, 2012

Marko Ilić (bass)
Janko Stojanović (guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals, analog and digital synthesizers, Farfisa organ and field recordings).
Dušan Žica (guitar, analog and digital synthesizers, melodica, vocoder, e-bow, dub and sampler)
Dragan Mirković (drums, electronic pads and percussions)

Danilo Nikodinovski (percussions on A1)
Jon Mack Marie (vocals on Ω2)

Recorded and mixed by Goran Crevar
Produced by Temple of the Smoke and Goran Crevar
Mastered by Carl Saff
Album art by Ivana Bugarinović



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Temple of the Smoke Carmichael, California

Psychedelic space rock band from The Seventh galaxy.

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Track Name: Ω3 Temple of the Smoke
Famine, pestilence, war, disease and death...

Cybernetic fetuses paralyzed, blinded,
by Babylon satellites ruling the human kind.

Prodigy children forgotten, deep below ground...
Wounded are bleeding into the core of the Earth.

Time will come for us all to die for rebirth,
Into another place, another World.

Ocean of thresholds will light the Skies,
when concrete melts and neon dries.

Arcadian kind is gathering now
with alien mantra starlight to invoke...

Within temple walls made of Smoke,
Eternal Love and Light shall rise.